Masked Maniac

Survive the depths of the Masked Maniac’s torture room!
Get your friend and yourself out! Before he shows up.

“…known by many names: the masked maniac, the body snatcher and the original excoriater. At his
first victim’s flat, he hid in his closet, waited for him to fall asleep…” “ …[He] usually strikes at night
after carefully planning his attack, even down to the smallest details, ahead of time…” “it looked like
a scene from a horror movie where the killer is killing just for the fun of it” “[we] were sickened to
our cores” “might be the doings of the masked maniac”.

Your friend was kidnapped by the so-called Masked Maniac, you have to go to
the Masked Maniac’s den, can you get your friend and yourself out in less than
60 minutes?

Coming soon

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