• You can communicate before and during the game with our game operators in English or Arabic languages. The game itself does not require language skills.

  • There is a possibility to change your booking details. Please get in touch with us via “Contact”!

  • Based on experience we believe that the optimal size of a group for the game is between 2 and 5 people, however if you would like to play in 6 people it’s possible too. Larger groups would not feel comfortable during the game due to limited space and less effective cooperation. Therefore, we recommend to split in 2 or 3 smaller groups and play at the same time in multiple rooms.

  • Around 35% of groups gets out from Alchemist’s Chamber within 60 minutes. In the Enigma game, the success rate is slightly lower, around 30% of groups complete the game on time. On the other hand, the success rate in Haunted Woods is only 5%. Other groups need an extra 5-10 minutes to finish the game (we try to provide them every time it’s possible) or in case the group does not succeed they can finish the game together with the game operator. So everyone can sleep calm knowing how it should have ended!

  • Please show-up 10 minutes before your game is scheduled. This is enough time to make yourself comfortable (e.g. lock your bags and belongings in our locker, use the bathroom, etc.) and go through the introduction of the game.

  • Vouchers are purchased with an open date possibility. The voucher can be used only for one game, but any of our games can be played with it. If you have further questions, please get in touch with us via “Contact”!

  • Yes, children above 6-7 years can already enjoy the game, however adult supervision is required for children below the age 15.

  • Children above 6-7 years can already enjoy the game and there’s no upper limit! The game is literally for every age group! According to our knowledge so far the most senior person who played our game was 78 years old and she still had lots of fun.

  • Children under age of 6 cannot actively participate in the game, however they can be in the game space with the rest of the family members. You may even take in with you pram, baby carrier, etc.

  • In case you are not sure which game to take, please fill our questionnaire (only 5 questions) to get a clear recommendation from us.

  • Dress to feel comfortable, as there are no special requirements! But if you wear glasses, don’t forget them home.

  • We can actually modify our games to make it suitable for deaf groups as well. We recommend to choose the Alchemist’s Chamber game and please contact us directly before the game so we can prepare for your the game up-front.

  • Yes, they can participate in the game, but some rooms have some restrictions. Therefore, we recommend at least two people who do not use the wheelchair to participate in the game, so everyone can enjoy the game.

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