• You can communicate before and during the game with our game operators in English or Arabic languages. The game itself does not require language skills if it does it will be written in both Arabic and English

  • There is a possibility to change your booking details, please call us at 69680141.

  • Most rooms are suitable for 2-6 players, however please call us to confirm the optimal group size.

  • All our rooms are enjoyable and challenging. You may select the room based on your preferences. You should take into account the following:

    -Do you want to have a horror experience or would you like a game focused more on the problem solving?

    -What level of challenge are you looking for?

    -What is your experience with escape rooms?

  • Each room has a different success rate, however the average success rate is around 43%.

  • You should make a reservation to guarantee your spot, however we may accept walk in clients depending on game availability.

  • No, payment is handled upon arrival for your game. However, we may call the number given ahead of your game and if we don’t get a response up to an hour before the game we may cancel the reservation.

  • Please show-up 10 minutes before your game is scheduled. In case of tardiness, your game will start promptly 15 minutes after your reservation time.

  • The games are designed for young adults, and the minimum recommended age is 15 for most rooms, 18 for horror rooms and 21 for the “Killer” room. Younger players are welcome to play non-horror rooms and may enjoy the rooms with adult supervision.

  • Children under age of 6 cannot actively participate in the game, however they can be in the game space with the rest of the family members. You may even take in with you pram, baby carrier, etc.

  • Dress to feel comfortable, as there are no special requirements! “Killer” and “Cops and Robbers” may require some moderate physical activity and maneuvering, it is recommended not to wear anything to restricting.

  • We can modify our games to make it suitable for deaf groups as well. However,  at least one player should be able to communicate using a walkie talkie to facilitate hints. Please contact us directly before the game so we can prepare the room before hand.

  • We recommend playing our 5 senses game, which may be played by blind/hard of seeing groups as it relies on the other senses rather than seeing.

  • Yes, they can participate in the game, but some rooms have some restrictions. Therefore, we recommend at least two people who do not use the wheelchair to participate in the game, so everyone can enjoy the game. Please do call us in advance so we can recommend the most suitable games, as some games might not be suitable.

  • You can have a magnificent photo session in our infinity room after you have played any of our escape rooms. Currently entry to the infinity room is not permitted without first playing any of our escape rooms.

  • Price is based on group size

    2 players 14KD each, total 28KD

    3 players 13KD each, total 39KD

    4 players 12KD each, total 48KD

    5 players 11KD each, total 55KD

    6 players or more 10KD each

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