Cops & Robbers


On a routine patrol you receive a call of a robbery at a nearby bank, you must quickly reach the bank and prevent the robbery. On the way to the bank you will receive additional information from your command center, there is a BOMB in the bank. Upon reaching the bank, you must deactivate the bomb to ensure everyone’s safety and stop the robbery.

Note that the bomb is set for 60 minutes. Make sure you deactivate it before then and also make sure you catch the robbers before they escape. You are in a race against the timer and the robbers!



Your underground contact has information that a very valuable item has been deposited in Maze Bank, they are not sure but they think it could be in deposit box 713.

You have assembled your team for this job of a lifetime, you plan is to wire all entrances with explosives so that the police can’t come in after you. Once you are inside, you must activate the bomb, steal the object and escape.

Be careful, the bomb is set to explode in 1 hour, but the police may disable it and infiltrate the bank before that hour. Use your wits to steal the item and escape before you are caught.

NOTE: Cops & Robbers may require some physical activity and flexibility. Please dress in something easy to move in.


Room difficulty : 8/10

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